Fun fact: There are anywhere between 45 and 65 species of ash trees around the world. However, if you’re dealing with ash tree disease, you may be wondering about removal assistance as well.

Curious about removing ash trees from your property?

Unfortunately, ash trees are dying due to an infestation of pests infecting these trees. In this article, we discuss how to safely remove a dead ash tree.

What Makes Ash Trees So Dangerous?

Once your ash tree gets infected by an emerald ash borer, it can start to get weaker over time. That’s because the emerald ash borer can begin attacking the tree from the inside out, feeding on sapwood along the way. As a result, the natural flow of nutrients and water from the crown to the roots is blocked off, which leads to “tree canopy dieback.”

Even though most trees will look alive and well after being attacked by pests, this is sadly not the case with ash trees. In fact, the branches can become quite dangerous and brittle as they begin to die too. Once the entire tree is dried out, the wood will start to break up, leading to long branches falling off. 

But it gets worse — if the tree topples over, the whole top may break off too. In a nutshell, dead ash trees are unpredictable, dangerous, and unstable to leave on your property. 

How Should You Handle Dead Ash Trees?

Since dead ones can be dangerous to handle on your own, the only way to handle them the right way is to call a professional tree removal service.

If you own your own property, it’s your job to take care of your dead tree before it becomes a so-called hazard tree. That’s because failure to remove your dead tree from your property can result in a lack of insurance coverage from tree damage as well. 

That being said, we highly recommend that you hire a tree removal professional to remove it piece by piece by climbing into it. On the other hand, dead trees are extremely unstable and brittle, meaning that it’s not exactly safe to climb into them.

If that’s the case, then you have several removal options:

  • Drop your entire ash tree
  • Remove it with a bucket truck

Now that we’ve got that covered, it’s also important to know that it is very hard to safely drop your tree in the exact place that you want it to land. Plus, if there are any structures or wires near your tree, you may have to risk crushing nearby objects too.

Pro tip: The best option is to hire a professional tree removal service!

All About Ash Tree Removal

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